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Marketing – It is a Smart Buyers’ Market

Ever wonder what the smart marketing folks are doing in a downturn?

market1Like clockwork, when an economic recession lingers, then discussions begin on shrinking marketing efforts. It is time to dispel the urban legend about marketing budgets and economic elasticity. Now is a great time to get pick up some great deals and prime positioning for your marketing efforts.

If you knew many of your competitors were going to spend less time and effort getting their message out, would you consider it to be a good time to retreat with them? If you were running a marathon and the crowded pack of runners lessen the effort to pace themselves, your best move is to kick it up a notch and move forward – potentially positioning yourself out front.

In running the marathon, every move must be strategic so that no effort is wasted and you position yourself for the best finish. Marketing is no different. Smart efforts, best methods and a strong support team that has weathered the course will produce winning results. If you want to perform like a champion, look at what the marketing champions do during economic downturns.

You won’t find the word recession in a glossary of marketing terms. You won’t hear many champions talking about a successful strategy for retreat. Marketing – now is the time and it is a buyers’ market.