It Takes Two Baby…It Takes Two

It takes two baby…it takes two baby…to make a dream come true.

Motown legend, Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston recorded this hit back in late 1966. It has remained popular through remakes by Otis Redding & Carla Thomas in ’67 and by Rod Stewart & Tina Turner in ’90. The tune remains a classic today.

The lyrics may be truer than ever when you think about mixing social/new media channels with traditional media resources. This struck me right in the eye at a Starbucks shop in a Target store in Tallahassee recently.

Caught my attention.

Caught my attention.

As I was adding Half & Half to my tall Pike, I had an on-the-spot social media “aha moment.” Starbucks has successfully blended the use of traditional collateral material along with a strong integration of social media to get multiple messages to consumers. Innovative new methods of delivery mixed with traditional media resources have successfully reinforced their brand and message – why else would you find multiple Starbucks brochures in a Target store or see @Starbucks posting on Twitter, having a corporate presence on Facebook or posting commercials on YouTube.

Today there are too many folks with a personal computer who are claiming to be social media experts. The truth is that your brand identity benefits most from professional expertise and know-how of the optimal use of traditional media resources with new/social media channels. Two types of media combined to gain consumer attention; making a dream of delivering billions of cups of brand-name java into a household name. Like Marvin & Kim have been singing for decades…it takes two baby, it takes two, to make a dream come true.