Life Flights

Recent airline travel for a vacation trip to Chicago offered an excellent opportunity for me to observe some important life lessons that are often overlooked during hectic business trips. Leisure travel with my wife made me aware of some simple travel truths experienced that are easily translated to our daily life flight. 

There has always been a cost for excess baggage. When the airlines started charging for extra baggage, folks were in an uproar. Truth is we pay daily for all the excess baggage we personally haul around. It definitely affects our balance, power consumption and altitude.

Pressurized cabins require lots of oxygen. Whenever we are feeling pressure all around us, it is the time to breathe deeply. So many times we get caught up in trying to multitask and take everything in that we forget about the basic need to supply our brain with oxygen to stay focused. Slow down and breathe deep.

A one-way ticket is going to cost more. Typically airline travel is more economical when booking a round-trip. Life is the same; you always gain more when your relationships involve give and take.

You can still land safely even when you have flown through turbulence. Every flight is not going to be smooth. Sometimes you have to fly through, over, under or around the storms. The key to arriving at your destination is to have a safe landing.

Check your bags, buckle up and enjoy your journey from a higher altitude.


Love that Grows

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life – Deborah.  On 04/22/10 we celebrate 21 fun years of marriage. For me I can truly say she is my best friend and soul mate. I am grateful and blessed that she loves me and continues to put  up with me.

Thinking back on our wedding day I was struck with the thought of how many of the important things surrounding our wedding day that have changed over those 21 years:

  • Ausley Farmhouse where we had our rehearsal dinner is long gone and now the Buckhead subdivision in Tallahassee.
  • The church we got married in has been converted into special school for arts & sciences.
  • The ballroom where we had our reception has changed ownership several times.
  • The hotel where we spent our wedding night has been sold and renovated to become the Hotel Duval.      

If you look at our wedding picture, for me I have less hair and a few more pounds. As for Deborah, she is more beautiful.

What has also changed is our love for one another – it has grown to a special place that we both hold dear. We know what each other is thinking, we finish each others’ sentences and we definitely understand each others’ non-verbal communication.

As  individuals, we are no more special than anyone else; as a couple we are blessed beyond measure and our love for one another continues to grow. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart – you make loving fun!