3, 2, 1 Liftoff!

Great New Year 2012! Purposely avoiding the usual list of resolutions, in its stead there is a strong mental and physical commitment to forge forward throughout this new year. Allow me to share the three countdown words that constitute resolute action to take us to higher heights:

Proactive: Wisdom purports that “timing is everything” and indeed that may be true. Sometimes we must act as the timekeeper ourselves, initiating the action – sending out that first smile, calling a friend instead of returning the call and offer the kind unexpected word and action daily.

Clarity: Transparency is trendy, but beyond the trendiness daily progress requires continual focus and pellucid living. This is yes or no, do or do not, black or white, no gray area and nothing stored to clutter or accumulate.

Conficernment: Now there’s a new word for you (my gift.) Start the new year with a dynamic combination of confidence and discernment and you get conficernment. Surely great strides will accompany certitude, assurance and an acuteness of understanding to only do what is the right thing to do.

These three words create action, focus and insight, which will ignite your launch sequence for 2012! Headed toward the stratosphere of success. Climb aboard.


Pressure Cleaning

It seems like many of us go to extravagant efforts to prepare for the holidays or a special event that we are hosting. Sometimes the planning and work for these seasonal celebrations will begin months in advance with some deep cleaning. Internally the deep cleaning may involve closets and carpets, while externally the deep cleaning means pressure washing the hard exterior.

I am not one to typically enjoy intense cleaning chores, but I found pressure cleaning to be different. The repetitive process of waving the water wand over the targeted area involves strength and steadiness. The act of pressure washing is deceptively relaxing while accomplishing cleansing of dirt build up that has gone unnoticed over time. Every now and then you may have to focus on a particularly tough spot, but the results are always rewarding.

The pre-holiday pressure washing made me realize how we also need some seasonal pressure cleaning in our work and personal lives. Pressure washing covers targeted areas and usually takes time on task for the best results. Sometimes it takes a focused stream of pressure to help us get rid of some our own built up soil or some of the hard to get spots. The intense pressure of the cleaning wand, regardless of it’s form, might even sting a bit at times.

So where do you need some personal pressure cleaning? To keep our hard exterior shining from the inside out, I recommend an occasional pressure wash – the end result is well worth the time and stinging of the chore.