five star service

Flooded with Customer Service

Keith McNeill PlumbingWhere do you expect to receive the very best customer service? When asked that question, most people would likely respond a five star restaurant or hotel. For me, the most extraordinary customer service I have recently experienced came from a Tallahassee plumbing company, Keith McNeill Plumbing.

Needing a plumber for a house call is not typically described as a pleasant experience, but the personal and complete customer service I received was positively memorable. Starting with the call to office; I was greeted by name and asked when it would be convenient for me to have the visit scheduled, followed by an offer of a 20 minute advance notification call to my cell to allow my travel time from my office.

Like clockwork 20 minutes before the appointed time, I received the call from Keith McNeill’s office staff to notify me that the technician, Nathan, would be at our home at 2:00. When I pulled in the driveway, I was greeted by a clean cut, smiling plumber who extended his hand introducing himself as Nathan and he began to review the planned repairs.

I had called for two specific items, one of which I thought would be a minor repair and the other request which I anticipated to be more extensive. As I walked Nathan through the house, he was greeted by and quickly befriended our Shih Tzu, Bailey. Nathan took less than a minute to fix a small issue in a hallway bathroom. I then showed him the bigger concern where water leaked from the bottom of the toilet in the master bathroom. After a minute of exploration Nathan identified the source as small leak in a flex hose; another quick repair for what I thought was a major problem.

Having quickly resolved the two requests, he asked if there was anything else I would like to have him look at while he was here. I took advantage of the time and asked a couple of questions about a proposed sink replacement in the kitchen. Nathan asked what we had in mind, offered some related suggestions, took quick measurements, called his parts supplier, gave me an estimate and told me he was scheduled to be back in our neighborhood the next week and the replacement could be done at that time if we were ready. 

As he was writing up our ticket, he offered us a special discount for a residential promotion the company was offering. He also reviewed the invoice with me to see if I had any questions.  He then thanked me for calling Keith McNeill Plumbing and left me a postage paid evaluation card regarding the service call. A handshake and smile completed a very pleasant plumbing repair experience.

Already pleased with the plumbing repair, I was further impressed when two days later, I received a hand written card from Chase McNeill thanking us for our patronage, following up on the status of the repair and requesting us to keep Keith McNeill Plumbing in mind for any referrals.

So here I am, happy to make an intro to and giving Keith McNeill Plumbing a five-star rating for plumbing service in Tallahassee. The true measurement of excellent customer service is the unsolicited accolades from an impressed client/customer. Total teamwork from Keith McNeill Plumbing for the customer service win!