Stop, Look and Listen

Stop. Look. Listen.

Stop. Look. Listen.

Growing up we were always instructed to stop, look and listen before we crossed the railroad tracks. To this day, the advice of those three words remains valid. What I have learned over my decades is that stop, look and listen is also smart advice for the internal evaluation of our personal direction and well-being. Stop. Continual movement of our minds and bodies will at some time run us across treacherous tracks or potentially in harm’s way. When your mind is at rest it is recharged and refueled with clarity and creativity. Look. Our eyes are often fixated on the visual stimulation of our electronic devices. We must not let the digital distractions keep us from seeing what is going on around us or from taking a look at what is happening inside ourselves. Listen. When you stop at the railroad tracks and listen intently, you might hear the faint sound of the approaching train or the distant blast of its horn. In a world that broadcasts sounds competing for our attention, it is just as important to listen in the silence with our ears open for the sounds in the distance. This is when we hear the symphony of life being played out internally and all around us. As we traverse the crossways of various tracks in our life, take the time to stop, look and listen.


3, 2, 1 Liftoff!

Great New Year 2012! Purposely avoiding the usual list of resolutions, in its stead there is a strong mental and physical commitment to forge forward throughout this new year. Allow me to share the three countdown words that constitute resolute action to take us to higher heights:

Proactive: Wisdom purports that “timing is everything” and indeed that may be true. Sometimes we must act as the timekeeper ourselves, initiating the action – sending out that first smile, calling a friend instead of returning the call and offer the kind unexpected word and action daily.

Clarity: Transparency is trendy, but beyond the trendiness daily progress requires continual focus and pellucid living. This is yes or no, do or do not, black or white, no gray area and nothing stored to clutter or accumulate.

Conficernment: Now there’s a new word for you (my gift.) Start the new year with a dynamic combination of confidence and discernment and you get conficernment. Surely great strides will accompany certitude, assurance and an acuteness of understanding to only do what is the right thing to do.

These three words create action, focus and insight, which will ignite your launch sequence for 2012! Headed toward the stratosphere of success. Climb aboard.