Andy Andrews

Gaining Quick Perspective

The NoticerEver notice how the proper perspective can help us adjust our outlook and attitude? Andy Andrews’ new book, The Noticer does just that.

A quick read through a variety of believable human situations  of how taking notice of the little things helps us fortify our most important relationships. Andrews provides readers with some sage advice from Jones, the lead character. Jones is a most unlikely resource to positively influence lives, which gives The Noticer a unique storyline.

Through Jones, Andrews offers timeless advice each of us can benefit from in our daily lives. The situations of each of the story’s characters Jones influences is believable in the times we live in.

The book from Thomas Nelson, Inc. offers reminders of how gaining the right perspective can allow us positively influence the lives of others. The Noticer is one to read and one to share with some special people in your life.