I am a connector. When I read Malcomb Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, the light bulb came on brighter than ever. While they were growing up and when out in public with our children they would often say, “You know everybody.”

Living in Tallahassee, FL, I am happily married to Deborah; she is the love of my life. I seek to serve God, to whom I am grateful for saving me and sharing mercy and grace on me every day. Deborah and I are blessed to have two grown children and two sharp little grandsons.

A professional background that includes banking, Internet/Broadband technology and PR/Marketing, I am now connecting more than ever via social media channels. I have made wonderful and dear friends around the planet.

I live to Serve Strong and make the connection – all the way to the point of impact. Join me!



  1. Hello Jim,

    I’m happy to have connected with you on Twitter. You really are a connector and your tweets are a pleasure to read.

    The articles on your website are very informative and well written. I’m wondering when your visitors will see new content. No hurry though, Jim… I just can’t resist nudging when I see sleeping talent. 😉

    Best Wishes from The Land of Smiles,


  2. Good Morning, Jim! Amy from outside Detroit. Just want you
    to know how much I enjoy your twitter posts. I somehow stumbled on
    the Positive Posse on Twitter, and its now the first thing I check
    each day, with my coffee. The Great State of Michigan has taken its
    hits in the last few years. My husband is still at GM (which makes
    me smile each time i see the Positive Posse say “GM” in the
    morning!)But the people of Michigan are of great stock and they
    face each day with heart and hope, and they help their neighbors.
    It is good to be here! I wondered if you are on facebook, as i
    would love to be friends with you and see if you have a favorite
    book list. Have a great day, from the Mitten State! Go Blue! love,


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