Revolutions and Independence

July 4, 1776

July 4, 1776

If you are going to incite your own personal revolution, I am thinking July 4th is a perfect starting point. Our Founding Father’s planned and sacrificed much to get to this day.

Revolutions don’t start overnight, in fact it is quite the contrary. Revolutions are somewhat akin to the frog being immersed into a pot of water put on to boil, things begin to change when the heat is turned on.

Lately my prayers and personal conversations with the Almighty have been focused around discernment and direction for accomplishing Kingdom work. This morning so many things placed in front of of me from distant and disjointed sources came together in a truly divine manner.

Inspiration from Seth Godin’s post, Is Better Possible? A personal history of starting a blog from nothing by Jeff Bullas. An amazing post on Jason Eng’s blog from a most talented and experienced blogger, Diana Adams entitled “5 Unexpected Benefits That Happen Naturally When You Blog Frequently.” Then there was the guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog, Intentional Leadership, from Joel J. Miller, entitled, “The 4 Revolutionary Leadership Tactics of Paul Revere.”

Amazing how the writings from each of these talented folks lined up in my online stream to ignite my revelation and revolution. So while you are having BBQ, beer and shooting off fireworks, I am igniting my blog life. In fact, like Diana suggested, I started writing this on my iPhone out on our pool deck. My brain is already exploding with ideas on the next ones. Seth is right – better is possible and this revolution is worth celebrating. Happy 4th of July.



    1. Diana, I am grateful for the feedback. So very much to learn and do. What I am loving already is the creative excitement to write. Thank you!

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    1. Jason, I have been posting sporadically for years knowing that I need to step it up. Yesterday so many posts aligned from such a variety of resources, including your blog. Grateful for the online friends and look forward to the day we get to meet. Thanks again.


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