Incredible Acts

“Incredible what a small act can do, and how it can impact someone else’s life.” Shelly – Tom’s customer.

“We only have a company because we have One for One. – Sebastian – Tom’s employee.

Sometimes the mission field is right in our backyard, sometimes it is around the world. Regardless of where the mission field is, what is important is for us to realize that it is sometimes what appears to be a small act to us just changed someone’s life. Tom’s Shoes makes this happen with every pair of shoes purchased. With every pair of shoes purchased, Tom’s will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Tom’s One for One program has grown an enterprise from giving.

What may have started as a small act of kindness has evolved into the essence of corporate giving. Not just giving shoes away, but delivering them, fitting them and sharing love throughout. In Our Own Backyard shares the touching reality of just how powerful the One for One giving program truly is. Tom’s has expanded their giving through One for One to include eyewear. In fact, Tom’s has given away shoes in more than 60 countries and restored sight in 13 countries. All of this is accomplished by each product we purchased from Tom’s.

Take three minutes to view Tom’s most recent video and you will understand Shelly’s quote. It is incredible what a small act can actually do. Thank you Tom’s for defining corporate giving from the heart, not from profits.


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