The Value of Voices

When you have to compete with all the noise bombarding us each day, how in the world can anyone hear what you have to say?

Stop for a moment and think about all noise we have heard over the last few months. We have been subjected to all kinds of sounds coming from a variety of venues and directions: political campaigns, countless media reports of pre and post-election coverage, football fans screaming, holiday celebrations and yes, even the barrage of electronic and social networking spheres seem to raise the noise level all around us.

We have become so accustomed to the continuous noise levels that millions of Americans cannot sleep without some form of white noise.

Trying to be heard above the crowd noise used to mean that you had to raise your voice to be recognized…now you just have to use your voice. The constant increase in noise and the onslaught of non-verbal communication through numerous social media networks has given new value to individual human voices. Talking one-on-one used to be the most common way of communicating, today it may not be the most common, but it certainly remains the most valuable.

If you want to deliver your message with maximum impact, nothing comes close to that of a single voice taking time to share an important message. It is no longer about raising your voice to be heard, effective personal communication now comes from just using your one voice.

Want to be heard above the noise? Just talk to me.


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