Love that Grows

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life – Deborah.  On 04/22/10 we celebrate 21 fun years of marriage. For me I can truly say she is my best friend and soul mate. I am grateful and blessed that she loves me and continues to put  up with me.

Thinking back on our wedding day I was struck with the thought of how many of the important things surrounding our wedding day that have changed over those 21 years:

  • Ausley Farmhouse where we had our rehearsal dinner is long gone and now the Buckhead subdivision in Tallahassee.
  • The church we got married in has been converted into special school for arts & sciences.
  • The ballroom where we had our reception has changed ownership several times.
  • The hotel where we spent our wedding night has been sold and renovated to become the Hotel Duval.      

If you look at our wedding picture, for me I have less hair and a few more pounds. As for Deborah, she is more beautiful.

What has also changed is our love for one another – it has grown to a special place that we both hold dear. We know what each other is thinking, we finish each others’ sentences and we definitely understand each others’ non-verbal communication.

As  individuals, we are no more special than anyone else; as a couple we are blessed beyond measure and our love for one another continues to grow. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart – you make loving fun!



  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! 21 years and counting. I remember your wedding day – it was a beautiful Tallahassee day, the ceremony was awesome and the reception a blast! If I remember correctly, wasn’t it Tiffany who wanted M&Ms in the middle of the ceremony?!
    Enjoy your day


  2. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are’ll never know dear how much I love you..please don’t take my sunshine away……I know it loses alot in the translation when I am not there to sing it to you…but you get the drift!


  3. I remember your wedding like it was yesterday. Doesn’t seem possible it has been as long as it has! I love you both dearly as you well know and wish you many, many more wonderful years!


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