2009 – A Positively Tweet Year

Sometimes in your life you are fortunate to be at the right place at the right time and so it was for me on Twitter in 2009. I began tweeting in March ’08 to follow @claytonbell during the birth of his daughter Caroline. From the start I was amazed being able to share in the excitement of Caroline’s arrival.  The same same energy and excitement continues and is ignited almost daily in communicating with those whom I now count as some of my closest friends via Twitter: the #PositivePosse.

No coincidence, it is only divine intervention through innovation that brings the unique talents, creativity and personalities together that make up the PositivePosse. Interesting enough no one person ever said “let’s form the group” or let’s call ourselves the PositivePosse” or “let’s include so and so,” it was nuclear fusion social media style. Long before the introduction of Twitter lists, we formed global bonds of friendship and compassion beginning in early 2009. With friends connected from Sydney Australia, to Ontario, Canada, the PositivePosse is what I often refer to as the GlobalGreats. While there are numerous followers and many other great Twitter friends, allow me to highlight the original PositivePosse crew:

@Iconic88 and @Bridget_Cooks – Sydney, Australia: Our Chief Happiness Officer and The InternetChef. There are no finer folks to be first to start a new day on the planet than these two.

Global Greats

@nlupus – Minsk, Belarus: Sasha is a young, smart gent talented in technology and social media innovation.

@funkysteph – Luxembourg: Steph knows information technology; she shares and inspires with her communications daily.

@ph1lm – Cambridge, England: Phil is a great encourager with a caring heart, which is a great talent combined with his web development.

@juliarosien – Ontario, Canada: Julia is the epicenter of energy and combines it with fun. Julia is a talented and spirited communicator personally and professionally.

@stacijshelton – Akron, Ohio: Staci is the superstar of compassion and caring. She goes way beyond networking, she builds strong relationships. Twitter lights up when she logs on.

@aceconcierge – Wilmington, NC: Suzie recently moved from the NE to the North Carolina. She is a master at getting the task done; with a little jolt of java she will literally kick it up a notch. She brings a smile with the fun.

@CoachCharrise – South Bend, Indiana: A treasured friend and talented life coach. Charrise’s advice sets new heights and opens new opportunities continuously. She speaks and writes truth fearlessly.

@johnlusher – Roanoke, Virginia: John is a proven technology connector and social media strategist. He puts his heart into all he does.

@vincenthunt – Albany, Georgia: look up creativity in the dictionary you will find Vincent’s avatar. Innovative, thinker, visionary, collaborator, gentleman genius. He is and has an amazing spirit.

@jerry_cohen – New York, New York: Jerry is an attorney who is informed and innovative in a very positive way. He understands how the value of social media can be an asset to businesses and individuals.

@tkpleslie – Minneapolis, Minnesota: Leslie is a gifted writer and social media leader for the furniture industry. Her passion and talent is evident in every post.

@sandyguerriere – Wilmington, NC: author, photographer and writer, Sandy shares her talent in both her local and online community.

@bkmacdaddy – Tallahassee, FL: Brian knows how to bring social media communication to life. Multi-talented and works to get it right and sings too.

Log on just about any morning shortly after 5:00 am and you will see #PositivePosse sharing a cup of coffee and encouraging one another for the day ahead. Our friendships have meant business opportunities, collaboration, sharing, laughter, compassion and the start of life-long relationships. Much has been written about the power of social media but I sincerely doubt there is a better example of global communication and friendships than those forged through the #PositivePosse.

Our circle of friends continues to grow and include countless others whom we look forward to tweeting with on Twitter. No doubt these friends and the PositivePosse serve strong year ’round, which makes for a positively tweet year!



  1. Jim, this captures the spirit of our posse perfectly! I’m honored to be part of this group of world changers, and feel fortunate to have been connected to you all almost from the beginning of my Twitter experience.

    What’s really cool is all the opportunity that lies in front of us. Go team!


  2. Oh my God!!! I can’t believe I am listed in your post!!! It is a great honor for me beeing part of this group as I have more the impression of drawing rather than spreading…
    I am thanksful to have met all of you on Twitter in 2009, you all have no idea how it has impacted my life, changed my attitude…
    Wishing all the best to all of you, all of us for 2010 and looking forward your tweets!!


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