Building Relationships – Virtually

Social Networking

Ever since I read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, I identified myself as a being a “connector.” As a connector, one of the great benefits of being actively engaged in social networking is the ever-present opportunity to link up with friends, both new and those with whom we have long-time trusted relationships.

Throughout 2009 I have been enjoying a growing camaraderie and close connection with a talented diverse group of fellow connectors via Twitter. Interestingly this group, now commonly known online as the #PositivePosse, was organized just like the venue it communicates in…virtually. No one person leads the group and no one person decided who else was going to be identified in the group – it all happened virtually, yet somewhat naturally. Relationships are being strengthened and solidified with every online post.

Shortly after 5:00 a.m. most every weekday mornings you will find the #PositivePosse gathering from all over the planet to start the day with encouragement and true compassion for one another. What is even more amazing is how our social networking entourage now includes visits, weekly calls, projects, business opportunities, fun, music, news, ideas, intel, insight, and inspiration that are shared among the entire group.

We cheer, laugh, work, think, recommend, refer, introduce and most of all we care for one another. True connectors don’t require a handshake or a hug to build and solidify relationships, we use compassion…it makes virtual relationships grow into valued friendships.



  1. Great post Jim!!

    You have described perfectly not only what the #PositivePosse is about, but on a larger scale, what social medial and social networking is about.

    Like you I am a Connector; when people remark that I know a lot of people, I take pride in that. Mostly because it provides me with more opportunities to connect people and to help.

    Thanks Jim for all that you do and for this post!


  2. I agree with John, you’ve pinpointed both the essence of social media – and the heart of the #positiveposse!

    I’ve found an uplifiting and incredibily inspirining group of friends through Twitter and Facebook this year, and our 5 am chats always, always, always add a bright note to my mornings. And I’m always so happy to see your smiley face in the mix 🙂

    See ya tmo on Twitter!

    Julia, a.k.a. Dutchess of Sunshine


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